We use our decades of experience to help an ever-growing collective of start-ups and forward-thinking ventures to bring their blockchain technology use-cases to a bigger audience, through effective communications.

Robbie is Founder of The Tokens, Creative Lead of Litecoin Foundation, Marketing Advisor to MyMy and a camera collector.

He’s a long-time Basic Attention Token ($BAT) holder and user of the Brave browser. According to his Twitter feed and every single family member, Robbie’s equal favourite cryptocurrency is Litecoin ($LTC).

Matt is Strategy Director of The Tokens and part-time viticulturist.

He’s keen on Stellar Lumens ($XLM) because - as someone who’s lived and worked abroad for many years - Matt knows too well that fees on cross-border payments and money transfers are blatant highway robbery.

Charlotte is a Graphic Designer with a particular interest in Digital Design.

When she’s not dissecting the UI and UX of crypto exchanges, Charlotte can be found nursing scratch wounds from her vicious cat Vladimir.

Charlotte’s favourite token is Power Ledger .

Toz is a Graphic Designer who enjoys bike riding and drinking coffee.

Her favourite cryptocurrency is Litecoin ($LTC). She spent weeks refining the Litecoin brand, giving it a fresh and professional new look. So a little biased.

Toz now enjoys being referred to as ‘Satozi’.

Charlotte McLachlan Graphic Designer

Agatha is our Chief Roof Officer (CRO) and has a strict ‘no cats in the office’ policy.

Her favourite project is Monero ($XMR). She kept the reason why private. Classic Agatha.

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