Huobi Australia The Tokens Agency

We launched Huobi, the world’s leading digital asset exchange, from a zero customer base in the Australian market.

In four weeks Huobi Australia registered 2000+ users pre-launch, sold-out the launch event of 400 people, established their social media presence and made a few new friends along the way (ourselves included).

Our challenge was to build momentum and drive registrations in the lead-up to Huobi Australia's digital asset exchange launching in a bear market. We needed to ensure AUD was flowing through the platform from day one, at a time when volume and sentiment was low.

We also needed to build a community from the ground up (in four weeks!). With the KYC process restricted to Australian residents, Huobi Australia couldn’t lean on its global footprint of users, either.

We employed email marketing, built social media channels and influencer engagement programs to tap into the existing traders here in Australia. We ran a street poster campaign and designed and promoted an event to celebrate Huobi landing on local shores. We needed to position the exchange as something that the market here was lacking and build a campaign that was strategically sound and creatively on-point.

Huobi Australia The Tokens AgencyHuobi Australia The Tokens AgencyHuobi Australia The Tokens Agency

"The Tokens Agency were a highly responsive strategic and creative partner integral to the successful launch of Huobi Australia. Their dynamism and professionalism led our team in all facets of marketing to deliver great work."

- Adrian Harrison - CEO Huobi Australia