New Litecoin Logo

As Litecoin users and holders, we wanted to apply our creative agency’s skillset to the cryptocurrency. After conducting a survey on /r/Litecoin - asking the community’s input, critique and feedback on Litecoin’s branding - we identified an overwhelming desire to ‘evolve’ the brand.

The masses will only invest in - and use - something they feel is trustworthy, ‘professional’ and considered. And the first thing they see is the brand. And first impressions matter.

We wanted to retain and refine the identifiable elements of the existing brand, rather than making Litecoin unrecognisable. Litecoin’s design must do the innovative technology justice. We believe that the more refined branding gives Litecoin a greater familiarity and professional look.

Our Creative Director, and now Creative Lead for Litecoin Foundation, Robbie, flew to San Francisco to present the new Litecoin branding to the coin’s creator, SatoshiLite himself. Charlie Lee, everybody!

The Tokens and Charlie Lee
The Tokens Agency Charlie Lee
New Litecoin Logo

The new branding has been endorsed by the Litecoin Foundation and used as the Foundation’s preferred branding suite! It has started to be rolled out across the social media accounts of key Litecoin influencers and affiliated platforms and services.

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