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Our challenge was to help create Malaysia’s first digital bank from scratch. Whilst not yet crypto-enabled (it’s on the roadmap) we needed to design and market this new technology brand in a society where cash is King. We had to think about everything from card design to the on-boarding and customer acquisition processes.

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We created an intuitive and stylish brand designed to complement the lifestyle of a group of tech-savvy Millennials. The UX and UI employed a combination of simplicity and personality which is echoed in the KYC process and cards design.

Whilst the company is still in its infancy - and yet to launch to the general public - the branding and UX design has helped secure investor funding and central bank approval.

"Our one supplier that make the others look mediocre. Their deliverables are always on time and above standard. They’re thinking about your business non-stop and providing ideas far beyond the scope of their engagement. Proactive to a fault and always happy to hear from me whatever hour I reach out. Smug bastards."

- Joe McGuire - CEO, MyMy